How to construct your Spotify Wrapped results for next year


Madelaine Vikse

A photograph of the 2021 Spotify Wrapped.

Spotify Wrapped has become increasingly popular, with many sharing their results on social media once they have been released. Everyone has a certain song or band that would be considered more of a guilty pleasure, and it is possible to manipulate Wrapped results to their liking. For those interested in doing so, this information can be helpful.

Brief history

Spotify hasn’t always done a yearly “Spotify Wrapped.” In 2015, Spotify released “Year in Music,” which included most listened to songs, artists and genres that year. In 2016, Spotify changed the name to Wrapped, promoting the idea more than before and giving listeners more information on how they listened that year, according to Forbes.

“I do like seeing it (Spotify Wrapped) because it kind of reflects on how my year was like,” said Alex Bueno, a junior marketing major. “Typically, if the year was kind of bad, I would listen to songs that are deeper and more emotional, but if the year was a little bit more upbeat, I’d usually get something more along the lines of that.”

2021 Wrapped

This year’s Spotify Wrapped featured top artists, songs and genres, giving every individual access to a playlist with their top 100 songs in order of most to least listened to. The results also included a mini-game where you play two facts and a lie, trying to figure out which result is made up and which two are true.

“I think it’s interesting because they give you a lot of things from like how many minutes of music you listened to, to your top artists, top songs, which song you listened to the most,” said Evan Schaffer, a senior and physical education major. “They give you a lot of interesting things that you wouldn’t have really noticed about your music selection.”

Skew your 2022 Wrapped results

To get the results that you want to see on your Wrapped for next year, one idea is to create a playlist with the songs and artists that you’d like to see and shuffle play on it even while you aren’t using the app. This can even be done while you are sleeping, and that amount of time can significantly impact what your top artists, songs and genres will be.

Spotify originally stated in a tweet from 2019 that Wrapped is only based on data from Jan. 1 to Oct. 31. 

It appears that this has changed and that Wrapped now covers everything beginning Jan. 1 to a few weeks before it is released in December. Whatever you listen to during late November and early December will probably have little to no impact on your results.

The way that things are now is just very social media-heavy, so it’s almost just considered natural and normal to post the Wrapped results to show people what you’re listening to and to see what others have been listening to, Schaffer said.

Spotify has added a lot to Wrapped, making it even more exciting to see what information will be included next year. The only downside is that Wrapped is only available to view on the Spotify app.