Closed mind

To the ignorant person who wrote the biased letter on Friday, April 3, I hope to educate. Of course, judging from your opinionated letter, you won’t hear one word I have to say. If you could open your mind long enough to learn something you would know homosexuality is not a disease. Just because the American Psychology Association just printed in its books that it was a disease does not make it so. It was changed obviously because a large group of intelligent doctors discovered it was not a disease. Do you have a Ph.D. in what is and what is not moral? I didn’t think so. Just because you evidently don’t partake in homosexual activity does not mean you should condemn those who do. You state in your letter yourself that, “As Americans, we are free to pursue any lifestyle we choose.” If you truly believe that, maybe you wouldn’t be a homophobic. Oh, by the way Mr. Unnasch, I am a heterosexual and I don’t think sexual preference should determine morality. I don’t know personally of anyone who is a homosexual, but if I did, it wouldn’t be a factor in my opinion of them.

Leslie Hurd