Ignorant campus

For the past couple of weeks, seemingly everywhere I turn, I notice that there is a sense of total discord. The reason for this aura which sweeps over this campus like dense fog is obvious. It is the most despicable and hateful social ill which is prevalent in today’s country. It is blind to reason and morality which makes it so unattractive. I’m speaking, of course, about racism.

What is so appealing about this insidious cancer that makes it live and flourish so strongly here? My brothers and sisters, this is the question which we should be asking ourselves. Questions about the motives and goals of The Northern Star, the Black Student Union and various other involved parties most often result in mudslinging at its most convenient level. The answers are not there. Just the clues.

This is not to say I dismiss the recent string of events which have pushed racism to the forefront of this university, ahead of peace, love, education and enlightenment. For to do so would be to live in ignorance. The Student Association’s peculiar treatment to Maurice Thomas’ campaign frustrates me equally as much as the Great Northern Star Heist. To me both groups are equally guilty. Although the black student body is not guilty in the same way as the majority white, in that they do not exploit their power, they are guilty of executing a reaction which is too strong on emotion and too weak on reason.

Each day when I walk past the Martin Luther King sculpture, I stop and see that it is fitting that the sculpture is laughed at, badmouthed or simply ignored by most of the students. For these actions (or lack thereof) are the same ones responsible for the lack of racial harmony. People don’t give a damn about anybody else and don’t want to even stop and try.

All across the country, different groups from different backgrounds have conflicts with which they must deal. Abortion is an argument of freedom against life. Gay rights is one of intellect vs. biblical morality. But racism’s only basis for conflict is ignorance against ignorance.

It is time we lay down our weapons and reconcile. Nothing virtuous can result from racism. Only greed, exploitation and paranoia are the end products. Is this what we really want? Are we realistically going to evolve as a human race if we operate on such vices?

I notice that it is getting worse. I predict that at this rate, it is going to explode. And, unfortunately, the only peace that will result (if one does) is one born out of war. Doesn’t it sound just slightly more enticing and rewarding to achieve this peace with reason without any wounds?

The choice is up to us. As I see it, the choice is simple. Don’t we all?

Michael Donohue