Reaction expected

I am sick and tired of YOU. I have had to put up with YOU for four years. What do YOU know about racism or discrimination? What do YOU know about fairness or equality? Nothing! First of all, black people are not racist. We are mad as hell. I am mad as hell. How dare you claim a violation of YOUR rights. What those students did in MLK was a form of protest. The same as when YOU burn a flag. The same as when I write this letter to The Northern Star. We are given that right in the Constitution. YOU do know what that little piece of paper is, don’t YOU? You do remember the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments give us the same rights as YOU.

If you would like us to be entirely legal the next time, we’ll each grab one copy so that the one copy becomes our personal property and then we can rip that personal copy of The Northern Star to shreds. That’s why YOUR rights won’t be violated. There are those who will write back arguing that there exists a black racist. They will say that there is reverse discrimination. To those critics, I offer YOU this: blacks have never awakened and hated YOU for no reason. So please don’t write back that YOU know one, two or one hundred blacks who’ve called YOU names.

Please don’t write telling us that YOU don’t see a problem existing. That is what we expect. That is what I expect. How can we expect anyone incapable of seeing past color COMPLETELY to see the current problems that exist at NIU. So YOU transfer to another school. YOU take acting classes for theatrics. YOU continue to become appalled because we are going nowhere. If YOU don’t like it, too bad. I am here for an education, an equal education guaranteed by Brown vs. Board. You do remember that, don’t YOU?

Terrance Dillard


Political Science