Other passages

Some people think God permits 50-50 blends of clothing. To those who think this, I refer you to Leviticus 19:19. It states “nor shall a garment of linen and woolen come upon thee.” Hmm, hell is going to be one crowded place. Or could it be that something written thousands of years ago, in a language that did not translate directly into English (thus requiring different personal interpretations of what the true meanings of the passages actually are), isn’t relevant for life as we know it?

Mr. Berkhout, if you are going to believe the word of God, believe all of it, not just the passages that fuel your learned hatred of your fellow human beings.

In the book of Leviticus you will also find the quote “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” You must love homosexuals according to God—they are your neighbors.

Of course, if you hate yourself then I guess it is all right to hate others. This might come about from wearing 50-50 shirts. You must be consumed with guilt and self-hatred for defying God’s word and not being able to stick to those “strong,

Christian values.”

Finally, the gay male “lifestyle” is more similar to the lifestyle Jesus led than some would care to admit. Gay males remain single throughout their lives (Jesus never married), gay males are often close to and speak highly of their mothers (Jesus spoke lovingly of his mother), gay males hang around other guys a lot (Jesus had his 12 apostles), both are persecuted or ridiculed for their beliefs and both preach the virtues of love and acceptance. But then again, “what does God know”?

Brian Turkaly


Health Administration