Assaults newsworthy

Mr. James Nerstheimer, in his politically correct and sensitive letter to the Star of Feb. 28, “dare(s) anyone reading this to get radical.” Comin‘ at ya James!

Once again, the Star has been labeled a racist rag. Sometimes I wonder, this time I do not.

Mr. Nerstheimer writes to tell us that reporting the fact that three black men assaulted a lone white student on campus is “yellow journalism.” If the incident was anything, it was newsworthy, if only because it is the latest in a series of black on white violence which began in October.

I will proceed to decode the remainder of his letter for those who do not understand double speak or double standards.

First, you see, in the curious world of non-white militants and whites engaged in racial self-hatred, white males cannot be victims. Mr. Nerstheimer goes too far when he refers to the victim of an unprovoked, felonious assault as “The Victim,” as if to say that the assaultee was not the victim of a brutal, cowardly, racist hate crime.

In case a few readers don’t understand, Mr. Nerstheimer’s so-called rationale is based upon the dubious fact that white males are the only oppressors and simply getting their comeuppance for centuries of racism. In addition, whites are genocidal and, therefore, blacks have sole right to victim status.

Next, we are told that the “Star’s timing is impeccable.” Oh my! The Star ran “bad press on black people during Black History Month.” Only a twisted mind would declare February open season on whites.

And, to cap it all off, Mr. Nerstheimer invites us to take “all the Stars in the rack at the Pow Wow and burn them.” The sensitive, politically correct, you see, abhor rational discourse and facts that are not in lock step with their knee-jerk agenda—left or right. If they can’t argue it out of existence with principled justifications, they attempt to burn or ban it.

Ostensibly, they do this in the name of promoting a non-threatening educational environment or protecting sacred historical facts from any sort of revision, etc. Their motives may be pure, but their tactics and judgment are a toxin to the democratic body politics.

And, in closing, yes, Mr. Nerstheimer, “people are tired of being slapped in the face,” especially a certain white man assaulted by three black men on the night of Feb. 21, as well as half-a-dozen or so other whites since Oct. 19.

Charles Dragon

Graduate Student