5 TV shows worth watching again


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TV shows are great for more than just mindless binge watching. Television gives us couples to look up to and envy the relationships they have on screen.

By Ariel Morris, Lifestyle writer

Some of the best TV shows ever aired have created so much nostalgia through past generations. Shows that brought us entertainment, inspiration, growth and knowledge left a memorable mark on many and are still loved and rewatched to this day. These shows are worth viewing more than once.

The Office (US) (Peacock, Vudu)

An adaptation of “The Office (UK),” this iconic sitcom brought so much laughter on screen and has inspired many TV shows thereafter like “Parks and Recreation” and “Modern Family.” The show’s hilarious comedic script writing gives it the ability to take a serious situation and turn it into something joyful. Lead Steve Carell plays Michael Scott, the regional manager at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc. in Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

Gilmore Girls (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video)

A 2000s classic, “Gilmore Girls” has brought comfort, nostalgia and a heartwarming environment for many. Through its humor, drama and realistic interactions between the characters, it’s a remarkable show. Centered around mother Lorelai Gilmore and daughter Rory in storylike town Stars Hollow, Connecticut, this show highlights family, friendship and love and is too cute to miss out on.

Friends (HBO Max, Hulu)

“Friends” follows six friends living in Manhattan, New York, as they’re constantly involved in each other’s lives while living in the same apartment complex. This show is worth watching more than once because it’s cheeky, entertaining and comforting. The characters all live separate lives, yet their bond is intertwined. There’s even relationship drama that adds a thrill for the audience.

F is for Family (Netflix)

“F is for Family” is a raunchy comedy that is vastly different from other animated series. While the show focuses on a middle-class family, it is not so appropriate for young audiences. The show takes place in the ‘70s with characters that are overtly cultured by the decade, lifestyle and everything in between. 

Too Hot to Handle (Netflix)

An original Netflix reality dating series, “Too Hot to Handle”  has caught millions of viewers’ attention. The show is filled with attractive young people that hope to find their special someone and win some prize money. “Too Hot to Handle” involves a game with rules. If a couple does anything to break a rule, a certain amount of money is deducted from the prize. This series keeps viewers on edge as they watch the enticing connections being built among the singles.