Target deals perfect for back-to-school shoppers


Madelaine Vikse

A photograph of the front of a Target store, highlighting the logo.

By Bailey Eschbach, Lifestyle writer

Editor’s note: this article is not sponsored by Target and is not an endorsement from the Northern Star as an organization.

Affordable Products at Target You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you are a student, likely, you aren’t making that much money while attending school. Although your income may not be high, the desire to buy new things or do something fun does not go away. Here’s a list of products, as well as some saving tools from Target, a popular place to not only spend your free time but also money, from a student and employee. 

Blue Sky Planners

If you’re looking to stay more organized this semester, it is a great idea to invest in a planner. Check out the Blue Sky brand, offering multiple sizes and styles for prices between $10 and $15.


We are in the depths of winter here in Northern Illinois and it is incredibly cold. Consider heading to Target for some slippers to stay warm and cozy at home. Target has all varieties of slippers for men, women and kids. Women’s Universal Thread slippers are now on clearance as well. With prices ranging from $10 to $25, your feet will thank you.

Room Essentials Dinnerware

Need more cups, plates or bowls? Check out Room Essentials, a brand marketed toward college students with a wide variety of colors that change often, all while remaining extremely affordable. These items are all sold individually for $0.75 each.

Hearth & Hand Coffee Mugs & Tea Cups

As a student, coffee is essential. If you are a fan of hot coffee you definitely should check out Hearth & Hand. Most of the items in this section are much higher in price than other brands at Target, but all coffee lovers can affordably indulge in Hearth & Hand’s cute coffee mugs. For an individual mug, you will only be out $4 to $5.

Mondo Llama craft kits and sets

Feeling bored stuck inside? Look no further than the craft section at Target. Check out the brand Mondo Llama and discover a variety of ever-changing craft kits that aren’t just for kids. Try painting, tie-dye, embroidery and so much more with this affordable and fun brand. Kits range in price from $5 to $25.

Target Circle

Signing up for a Target Circle account will give you access to many exclusive deals at Target. This is completely free and simply requires a phone number and email. By going to or opening the Target app, you can view weekly Target Circle offers and save them to your account to use for your purchase.