What I’m watching this weekend: Northern Star Staff


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The Netflix home page shows a list of trending shows on a laptop screen.

With the streaming capabilities and platforms available these days, there are so many options to choose from. Instead of scrolling through an endless amount of options and watching trailers, check out these picks from some of us at the Northern Star on what we’re watching this weekend.

Encanto (Disney+)

“Encanto,” released Nov. 24, 2021, won Best Animated Motion Picture at this year’s Golden Globes and is Disney’s first Latino film set in Colombia. 

The film follows the Madrigal family, Mirabel Madrigal in particular, and the pressure that each family member feels. Each member of the family is expected to be given a magical gift once they turn five, but Mirabel, played by Stephanie Beatriz, becomes the first child not to be given a gift. The family ends up having to communicate and work together if they wish to save their magic. – Madelaine Vikse, Lifestyle Editor

Game Night (Vudu, Amazon Prime Video)

Released in 2018, “Game Night” is an action-comedy starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. 

The film follows couple Max (Bateman) and Annie (Adams) and their friends that they get together with on a weekly basis to have a game night. After Max’s brother decides to plan a murder mystery activity, things end up becoming more than just a game. – Madelaine Vikse, Lifestyle Editor

Regular Show (Hulu, HBO Max)

“Regular Show” is an animated sitcom that ran on Cartoon Network from 2010 until 2017, quickly gaining popularity on the network. The show centralizes itself around the antics of two working-class, middle-aged park groundskeepers named Mordecai and Rigby. From sending a bunch of baby ducks to the moon to saving the world with a grilled cheese sandwich, “Regular Show” has something to offer for those who enjoy extravagant tomfoolery and shenanigans, with elements of dark and adult humor mixed in. One might even describe it as a “jolly good show.” – Skyler Kisellus, Sports Editor