Absurd motion

NIU, say goodbye to the geese who live at the lagoon. The University Campus Environmental Committee has decided to get rid of the geese, thanks to a proposal by Dr. Grosklags. The reason for this absurd motion is that their feces piles are all over the sidewalks. This is news to me since I frequently walk around that area, and I don’t find it too hard to walk around an occasional pile. Another reason includes the geese honking at people as they walk by. Most of the time the geese mind their own business, but if they do honk at the people walking by, I can’t imagine that it is threatening enough to get rid of them.

Other reasons include that they are ruining the lagoon and the grass. Well if this is true, we should also get rid of the ducks who use the lagoon and get rid of the students who walk on the grass. I find this motion to be absurd since the university did purchase the geese to enhance the lagoon area years ago and now they want to get rid of them because they have become a nuisance. I believe that the geese have the same rights to use the lagoon as any duck, squirrel, bird or human does.

Laura Martin


Political Science