Terrible mistakes?

Great letter from Feb. 25, Ms. Bardi-Koch! Really! I commend you on speaking your mind about the inexcusable spelling errors the Star makes!

Thank God we have you to help show us the way! It’s simply deplorable! Imagine, people actually making mistakes! How awful!

But for a publication produced and written by and for students who do not yet have degrees, it’s not too bad. You also don’t have to pay for it every time you pick it up to read. And somehow I doubt someone is holding a gun to your head to read it!

Why don’t you pick up a “DeKalb Daily Chronicle” sometime and compare it to The Northern Star? Being a NIRIS volunteer reader, I have to read this poor excuse for journalism unrehearsed over the air every week for blind people in the community. And NIRIS has to pay 35 cents a copy plus 50 cents on Sundays for every copy! And the writers are supposed to be professionals with experience and degrees!

Maybe you could learn to appreciate the Star after making this comparison.

If that still doesn’t convince you, then maybe you could start a new club in DeKalb. How about S.C.U.M. (Students Concerned about Unbelievable Mistakes)???

And you could be the S.C.U.M. president! Then when you go to Florida, you could start a chapter at that university!

Thank you again, Ms. Bardi-Koch! We’ll really miss the undivided attention you gave to spotting spelling errors in The Northern Star. NOT!!!

How will we ever survive without you! I guess we’ll just have to “tri”!!!!

Carolyn Feller

Feline Psychologist