Clinton’s pot smoking no big deal

Americans should not be disturbed by Democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton’s admission of some marijuana smoking.

Clinton said he smoked pot a couple of times while he was studying at Oxford University. So far, it hasn’t caused any problems on the campaign trail and it shouldn’t.

With today’s American society, it’s getting increasingly harder to find people Clinton’s age or younger who haven’t tried marijuana. Anyone who’s seeking public office most likely went to college during the late ‘60s or the ’70s. Getting high on pot was almost a given.

Public admission of such drug use has driven politicians crazy for the past few years because the voting public isn’t ready to accept it, and the government isn’t about to condone it. It ruined Douglas Ginsburg’s bid for the Supreme Court, especially because he was nominated by the Just Say No Republican Party.

Anyway, if Clinton hasn’t touched the stuff since the ‘60s, what’s the worry? He’s not still out buying and smoking it and whatever ill effects he might have suffered, if any, are long gone.

Despite the government’s hefty anti-drug campaigns, people of the ’60s and ‘70s rapidly are becoming the government and likely will overlook minor indiscretions about marijuana. Those who smoke pot regularly or use harder drugs are another matter, but that’s not the question here. Clinton smoked “a time or two.”

While it’s not smart for anyone, especially budding politicians, to go around getting high, it shouldn’t be a worry for the future. Tomorrow’s voters will be no different than tomorrow’s candidates when it comes to experimentation with pot.