News reported

This letter addresses James Nerstheimer’s letter, published Feb. 28. Let me tell you, James, I, myself, am too polite to tell you to what extent I am fed up with people like you, who readily slam the messenger, because you don’t like the message.

You say the Star “does not accurately present the whole story.” The victim (and don’t put it in quotation marks—it did happen) was walking along, minding his own business, and he got jumped. Care to fill me in on what the Star left out?

All the paper did was report what happened. They didn’t devise a scheme to slam blacks during Black History Month. It was those three guys who picked Black History Month in which to commit the incident. Don’t tell me the paper is racist. You think your cultural pride was “slapped in the face?” How do you think the victim feels? He was a lot more than slapped.

Russ Borchik