Gay queries

I wish that I had been at the gathering on “Understanding the Needs of Gay and Lesbian Students” but I did not know when it was. I have some questions that were not addressed or fully explained in either of the two articles on this subject. For one, what exactly is (or will be) the Gay/Lesbian Task Force? What is the definition of a “negative action” toward a homosexual? And what are the consequences of this so-called “negative action” on the individuals who do it?

Gay/Lesbian Union co-President David Huggins said NIU should take more “pro-active” measures on issues of sexual orientation such as making lesbian and bisexual issues a part of students’ general education requirements. I would like to strongly disagree with any pro-homosexual education as a requirement unless it could be balanced by a class that expresses the view that homosexuality is not a valid lifestyle such as “The Bible: God’s truly inspired word” or “Jesus: the only way, the truth and the life.”

I believe that any homosexual should have the same police protection from physical abuse or harassment just as any person should have. But to advocate the philosophy that homosexuality is a valid lifestyle and to force that philosophy on people who believe that it is not, is an infringement on people’s moral and spiritual beliefs. A Gay/Lesbian Task Force that enforces a vague, easily manipulated definition of “negative action” toward a homosexual can lead to an enforcement of punishment on people who verbally (not implying harassment) disagree that homosexuality is a positive “alternative lifestyle.” Please keep everyone updated on this subject.

Anne Perretta


Studio Art