Better cars

I am an all American at heart, but when it comes to the automobile industry the imports can compete. I’m not going to talk about Japan and how they call us lazy and illiterate, but I am going to talk about Europe. The Europeans are overlooked a lot of the time as exporting countries. The one thing they do export is the finest automobiles in the world. The United States just does not make enough luxury cars to compete. If I had the money the first car on my list is not a Cadillac but a Porsche.

The U.S. cars just don’t hold enough prestige against notorious names like: Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche and Jaguar. A Lincoln Continental or a Cadillac cannot compete with a Jaguar or a Mercedes. The Europeans just make a better luxury car.

Yes, the American cars are cheaper, but not that much. If the consumer has enough money to buy a Cadillac, a lot of them will spend the little extra for a superior automobile.

“You get what you pay for and I’d rather pay for the best.”

Bobb Morvice


Liberal Arts and Sciences