Limit bus schedule

The main target of this letter is the transportation department of the university, namely the Huskie Bus Line. These buses take a substantial amount of money to run per year, but how do they get the money to run them? Where else but from a small percentage of every student’s tuition. Now might I ask, how many students actually ride them on a regular basis? I am part of the many who do not ride them at all.

My complaint is, why should those who do not ride have to pay regardless if they do or don’t. I believe this unnecessary cost would cut down on student’s tuition fees. The buses should only run in certain months when the weather is considerably cold and unbearable. Running the buses all day and at times when there is no one there to ride them is very costly and wasteful. What purpose does it serve to run a bus to transport forty or more people when there is only a handful of people? The schedule for running the buses should also be cut back to certain times for the sole purpose of saving money, for the university and the students.

If the university would want to cut back on students’ costs (and heaven forbid if they attempted to) they would take this suggestion into consideration. Students that choose to ride the bus on a regular basis should be given the choice of whether to buy a pass or not. Why should people who do not have the money have to pay for the indolent who choose not to use the two feet God gave them?

Joe Bonasera