Take the bus

Lately, I’ve been hearing people complain too much about NIU not having ample parking space or receiving an unavoidable ticket when they find a spot. I would like to say one thing to all of those who take the automobile for granted and live for convenience—”Take the bus!” All students who attend NIU pay for this service. If it’s your money, it’s for your use. Why would anyone want to waste more money on gas and repairs when there is a free bus service right here. Isn’t being picked up in front of your dorm or down the block from your apartment convenient? There’s nothing wrong with a little extra walking.

There is also a problem with pollution. Why add to the problem by expending more fumes into the air. Another problem is overcrowded streets. As a pedestrian, I already find it a hazard to cross Annie Glidden or Normal Road with some of those crazy drivers out there. Lastly, more parking lots would cost a lot of money (which we don’t have) and it would congest this campus even more. So let’s keep a clean, beautiful, safe environment and get some exercise!

Sue Gembara