America first

Four years ago, George Bush and Dan Quayle rode the coattails of Ronald Reagan right into the White House. On the campaign trail, Bush made several promises to the American public. Promises involving taxes, domestic problems, education and the environment were made and then never followed up on. After Bush was in office he did many things that improved the world.

Partially, this is true, however, in retrospect he has actually accomplished very little. Saddam Hussein still has a strangle hold on the Iraqi people. Human rights violations still exist, and even grow, in China and Israel. Trade restrictions on American products still exist in Japan.

Meanwhile, at home (a place Bush rarely visits) unemployment is rising, housing starts are declining, and the economy is continuing its decline. George Bush does not deserve another four years to ruin this country.

However, we are not here to promote the campaign of any Democratic candidate. None of the candidates of the Democratic Party are experienced enough on the national level to make a good president. The true alternative to Bush is Patrick J. Buchanan, one of his Republican adversaries.

Buchanan in the White House would make America first, instead of the rest of the world. Are you tired of human rights violations in countries that we support? Vote Buchanan. Are you sick of Japanese government officials calling Americans “lazy” and “uneducated”? Vote Buchanan. Are you fed up with unfulfilled promises? Vote Buchanan. Do you want the White House’s first priority to be the country where it is? Vote Buchanan.

The Committee to Elect Patrick Buchanan

Christopher Lee Friedman



Chris Dermody