Leave Huskie bus logos alone

Leave the Huskie bus decals alone, Bill.

NIU Transportation Manager Bill Finucane is leading a charge to remove the Huskie logo decals from the new handicapped-accessible buses. Finucane claims the decals will expose the university to “assumed liability” because the buses have the same decals as some other NIU vehicles. The Huskie Line is a private company and its funding comes from student fees.

It is highly unlikely that NIU would be liable for any damages in a bus accident. After all, the buses are not owned by NIU.

The other reason Finucane gave for stripping the logo is closer to his real motive—people keep calling him and whining about NIU purchasing new buses in times of recession. He has to explain to them that the buses were purchased by student fees.

The proof lies in another statement Finucane made. He said it is okay for the words “Northern Illinois University” to appear on the buses. One would certainly think that these words would implicate NIU as well, according to Finucane’s logic.

NIU Legal Counsel George Shur and Norden Gilbert were attending a convention and not available to clear up the highly unlikely prospect that NIU could be held liable. However, Shur said he would look into the matter when he returned.

Finucane also said the Huskie logo is only for university vehicles but Huskie Line officials claim they went through proper channels in securing use of the logo.