Animal rights

I nominate Eric Krol as the “oxymoron” of the year! Before Krol places himself in an exalted position on the soap box, he should first know what he’s talking about. His article titled “Animals really are not equal to human beings” sounds like the ravings of a degenerate, close_minded, unintelligent idiot. I ask you, Krol, if the human race believes as you do, can we honestly say we “are the most intelligent animals”? It’s people like you who have screwed up this world and keep a closed mind to real progress.

First, you have no idea what the difference is between animal rights and vegetarianism. Sure, there are some vegetarians that are as radical as you are in their beliefs feeling that no animal should be put to death for any reason. And then there are animal rights activists who believe in the humane treatment of animals. Sometimes this means humanely euthanizing diseased, malnourished, and mistreated dogs, cats, and other animals.

Second, you mention that while drug abuse runs “rampant throughout the world,” animals rights activists are busily saving animals. Obviously, you don’t realize that many drug rings are extirpated because of the direct influence from animal rights activists.

For example, drug dealing has been linked to cock fighting. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) officials have risked their lives tracking the illegal importation and dealing of drugs in cock fighting groups and have successfully charged and sent to jail many people connected with it. Krol, what have you done to stop drug abuse?

Third, you say that it’s better for animals to die than us. I believe that animals should be used in medical testing when necessary and only if there are no other alternatives. But it’s people like you who are unwilling to research and use alternative methods.

Instead, we maintain a primitive mentality and refuse to use other, generally better, methods because…”It costs too much,” “It won’t work,” “Why change?”

Animal rights activists are fighting for humanity, Eric Krol. You cannot separate the connection between us and animals. David O. Wiebers, M.D., chairman of the HSUS’s Scientific Advisory Council, says he sees a day “where all of us begin to come to the conscious realization that it is compassion for all life rather than scientific achievement that represents the pinnacle of human existence.”

Kay Allison King

Office Manager

Campus Activities Board