New housing starts in DeKalb on the rise

By Terri Sorrentino

New housing starts in DeKalb have been on the rise over the last ten years, and local officials said the trend seems to be continuing into the new decade.

DeKalb County Planning Director Chris Aiston said there has been a steady increase in the number of permits for new homes during the past ten years.

Single family detached housing in DeKalb County has been on the rise during the past decade. In 1990, there were 99 permits for new residences. This is considerably higher than the ten-year average of 58 per year, Aiston said.

There was a slight decrease last year with 91 new housing starts, but Aiston said this is still a significant increase compared with the ten-year average.

“People who work in the Fox Valley area are moving to DeKalb because the housing is more affordable,” said DeKalb City Planning Director Mark Biernacki. “They would rather commute the 30 miles than live in the congested areas.”

Rick Monas, director of Building and Community Services for the city of DeKalb, said he expects 1992 to be a good year for new housing starts.

“Right now ten subdivisions and six additional project areas are actively seeking new construction starts,” Monas said.

“Already for the month of January there are five new home starts compared with two for January of 1991,” he said.

Biernacki said the upward trend began in 1989 and it seems to be continuing.

Much of the new available property comes from the sale of old farm land, he added.

Biernacki said the recession has not affected housing in DeKalb because it is still cheaper to live in this area.