Geese ‘problem’ ludicrous

There are more important things to quack about than a few geese.

NIU needs to set a few priorities when it comes to projects at NIU. The few geese that are on campus only seem to be a problem to a few people.

It’s true there are geese droppings by Montgomery Hall and around the east lagoon, but the answer to that problem is simple—don’t step in it.

It’s not that hard to avoid the droppings if you look where you are walking.

It’s a shame that the environmental committees on campus agreed to get rid of the geese who were brought to NIU by the NIU administration in the first place.

It’s even sadder that the students are letting this take priority over other things.

The notion that the geese are intimidating is utterly ridiculous. There are people on campus who are intimidating; shall we just ship them somewhere else?

All this commotion on campus is for about eight animals that probably have bothered about two people.

Then there’s the complaint the geese are ruining all the grass. NIU students probably don’t ruin the grass, right?

One professor said it is “inappropriate” to have the geese here, but NIU brought them here originally. Why is it inappropriate now, but it wasn’t then?

It’s ironic that the University Campus Environmental Committee did not even suggest a motion to keep the geese on campus.

Keeping the geese on campus would allow NIU to concentrate on more important things like education.