Student fee increase justified

Although students aren’t going to like it, increasing the student fee is a good thing.

The fees are being increased to support many things that are important to students, mainly Student Legal Assistance.

This office is swamped all the time and it is one of the few places in the world where one can go to get some free advice.

Not only do students get free legal advice, they need to realize the lawyers here are being way underpaid compared to what they could make if they went into a private practice.

Even SA President Preston Came said the lawyers are grossly undercompensated and they receive no benefits.

The money for student fees is a justifiable increase because the money goes directly toward student organizations.

Another reason money is needed is for someone to help the Campus Activities Board. The board is there to set up and coordinate activities for the students.

The events that CAB hosts are enjoyed by many students at NIU and having more money allocated to give them another to help only can improve the events and activities.

The 20 concerts a year CAB presents is only one example of what they have accomplished.

With practically no money allocated to higher education, the students will have to squeeze a little more out of their pockets if they want to keep programs and improve them too.

Tuition will inevitably increase, what’s a few more cents?