Grave ruined

When my wife and I went to our cemetery to place a Christmas wreath on our daughter’s grave, we were shocked beyond belief for only weeks before stood a beautiful row of pine trees.

I wrote the cemetery board expressing my feelings and have as yet to receive a reply in any form. On the advice of my lawyer I wish to inform my friends and the community of what happened to our beautiful, quiet cemetery. My letter follows:

Seven years ago, we had the misfortune of losing a beautiful, young daughter to cancer. We chose to bury her in a plot in the Charter Oak Cemetery located north of Kirkland on Cherry Valley Road. Denise loved flowers and all the things of nature, so we chose our plot right next to a row of beautiful pine trees.

Sometime this past fall all the trees were cut down and a huge metal building was put up right in amongst six or eight established grave sights. It not only affects our family, but has ruined the appearance of the entire cemetery due to its size and location.

I was brought up to respect both the living and the dead and that a cemetery is a sacred place, just like the church. Nothing could be more disrespectful than to disturb the final resting place of one’s family and friends.

Whether the placement of this building is technically legal or not, it is definitely morally wrong. I respectfully ask for your help and support in correcting this situation.

Vernon Thuestad and family

Grounds equipment operator