Tyson sentence well deserved

Yet another would-be role model bites the dust.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was convicted of rape earlier this week by an Indianapolis jury. Considering Tyson’s storied past, the verdict was not much of a surprise. Tyson has had a much-chronicled marriage and divorce to actress Robin Givens, a series of traffic tickets and auto accidents and several allegations that he is a chronic philanderer.

However, it is a disappointment to the millions of youths across the nation. His life was far from perfect, yet children idolized the man for his excellent boxing abilities and his struggle to get out of the New York ghetto.

Yet the trial should serve as a lesson to every one of his admirers that rape is a heinous crime and deserves serious punishment. The recent Clarence Thomas hearings and the William Kennedy Smith trial only serve to reinforce the consequences, although there were no convictions in either trial.

With recent falls of idols such as Pete Rose and Magic Johnson, it is certainly a rough road for youths these days.

Although some reproach can be found with Magic Johnson’s courage, it is still tough for one to find a really good idol.

The court has the right idea in letting Tyson’s ex-wife be a pertinent part of the sentencing process. What could be scarier?