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After more than a week of no response form our first letter, it took the New Hampshire primary to put Patrick Buchanan on the political map. However, The Northern Star calls the New Hampshire results “the scariest tally since David Duke’s for the Louisiana governorship.” They said the American population was “disillusioned”. This is true, but they are disillusioned with the policies of President George Bush.

The Pat Buchanan campaign is called America First. Buchanan is staying specific on domestic issues. He believes that the budget should be reduced, along with the size of the federal government. He believes that trade imbalance with Japan should be reduced. This trade imbalance is one of the reasons for the economic woes of this country.

Buchanan believes that this country should have its population as its first priority not its last. The Northern Star editorial on Feb. 20 mentioned Buchanan’s idea to “dig a large ditch around the United States to keep foreigners out.” Before the Star decides to bring up Buchanan’s idea, they should make sure they have it correct.

First, a large ditch around the U.S. would be impossible, but a ditch between us and Mexico is feasible. This idea is not to keep foreigners out, but to keep illegal aliens out of this country. Illegal aliens are taking jobs in Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona and then taking their paychecks back to Mexico. This should not happen and Buchanan would stop this crisis.

On foreign policy, should the United States fund the rest of the world when we are the largest debtor nation in the world? Japan and Germany are stronger economies than us and they should help with world problems. In Korea, why should Americans be the first to die if North Korea attacks? Japan has the most vested interest in Korea; why shouldn’t they have their forces in Korea. The United States reinstated the Kuwaiti government. Now that they want to buy commercial airlines, where do they go? Germany.

An aggressive president would tell the emir to buy American. Where is Bush on this issue? The Israeli government is one of the world’s highest violator of human rights. The Israeli government is one of the world’s highest violators of human rights. Israeli troops have killed over 800 Palestinians and have wounded over six thousand children with gunfire. Pat Buchanan believes the United States should not support the Shamir government.

As my final point, President Bush will tout his success in the Persian Gulf War. He will also point out that Buchanan did not support the war. This attempt to wrap Bush in the American flag will not fly with the American population. “Saddam Hussein still has a job, do you?” is how one bumper sticker read in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire has begun the Buchanan Revolution. On March 17, Illinois will have its opportunity to voice its opinion. The Students to Elect Patrick Buchanan is dedicated to promoting the America First campaign. If you are interested in helping or simply want to ask us questions about Pat, call 753-5448.

Christopher Lee Friedman



Chris Dermody