Gay/Lesbian taskforce long overdue

It’s about time NIU started recognizing that everything is not happy and wonderful in the land where unity in diversity is a common theme.

An NIU task force was formed Jan. 3 to help fight harassment and violence against gay, lesbian and bisexual students at NIU. For too long, the university tried to sweep the problem under the rug and hide it under themes such as the aforementioned Unity in Diversity. If everyone were truly comfortable with people of different sexual orientations, there would be no need for a Gay and Lesbian Union. They could openly confess their sexuality to friends and family members without worry of rejection.

There’s an old saying that people fear what they don’t understand. And from fear comes hatred and bigotry. NIU Ombudsman Tim Griffin said the task force is charged with evaluating the frequency, form and circumstances under which discrimination takes place. If successful, the program will help to educate everyone on campus that whether a person is homosexual or not, it gives them no reason to harass or discriminate against them. It’s not up to us to judge how a person lives their life.

Another good aspect of forming a task force is if people know of its existence, they might think twice before using negative action toward a homosexual. While it’s doubtful people will change their views about homosexuality, people will hopefully realize that whether they like it or not, gays exist. So people might as well try to live peacefully.