Clue needed

Just thought I’d get in on some “Krolbashing” before he takes leave of his senses and writes something intelligent, but I’m sure I’ve got plenty of time. So, Eric, feeling all proud of yourself now that you’ve impressed us with your boundless knowledge about who should kill what and for what reason? Who died and left you an opinion, Morton Downey Junior? I really shouldn’t blame you Eric, it’s not your fault you have a few less brain cells than the rest of us. I should really blame the Northern Star for keeping you on their staff but after giving it some thought I understood their logic. After losing Eric Dietz’s “Bob McBob”, they were probably thinking “What are we going to do for humor now that Eric Dietz is gone?” Then they probably thought “Oh wait, Eric Krol’s column is always good for a joke, we’ll just use that instead!”

Judging from the letters in the Northern Star, I think he can conclude that yes Eric, you do have an opinion, but no, it does not count. Your views on animals rights or the lack of, rather, disregard the existence of life itself. What are you implying when you say that humans are at the top of the food chain is that we should act our part in the food chain and that humans are no different from animals? Do you really believe this? Animals cannot think Eric, you of all people should understand this concept well. Does this mean that we should not respect their presence here on Earth with us? Get a clue dude.

Gavin Hasselgren