Fight abortion

I am concerned with abortion. I understand that abortions are given for many different reasons. I also understand that a lot of men walk out on pregnant women and leave them with responsibilities. I know there are teenagers that are not ready to give up their future for a baby. Some people just can’t even afford to have a child, which leaves them with few alternatives.

All of these reasons would be absolutely harmless if it weren’t a life that these people are talking about. I think abortion is an unnecessary step to take, especially when there is another alternative to consider. There are adoption centers who can give these babies life, food, and an education. Who deserves not to have a fair chance to live? If everyone who didn’t want children or made a mistake had an abortion, I wonder how many of us would be here today. People only think of themselves and don’t stop to think about how the unborn child might turn out to be.

Sure women should be able to make their own decisions, but let’s face it, if a woman decides she is not ready for a child yet, she will take the right precautions. But women who get pregnant because of their own carelessness should not be allowed to use abortion as birth control.

Who gives anyone the right to decide on another human’s life? After all, let’s face it, it is murder. In the book, “When Does Life Begin,” I read that life begins at conception. Now shouldn’t that tell people that a fetus has just as much of a right to live as we do? Only if the expecting mother’s health is in danger should she get an abortion.

I hope you have clearly read my letter with an open mind and I hope that you will take my point of view into consideration. Please help fight abortion.

Lisa M. Dooley


English Major