Assign areas

I am a Building Service Worker at NIU. I work in Lincoln Hall. Last Saturday, Feb. 8, 1992, I was working my usual shift. On Saturdays I do double duty because the other janitor in the wing doesn’t work Saturdays. At 2:30 p.m. (My shift ends at 3 p.m.), my boss managed to walk all the way up to the fifth floor to check on me and to advise me that the front stairwell needed to be picked up as there were some papers and an orange peel on it. I advised her that I would pick them up and, in fact, did manage to do so.

Here’s my point. On Saturday, I work a double duty day and am still not finished with my job. My boss walks past all of these items on the stairwell and tells me that I should pick them up. Well, can’t she help out? As President La Tourette has said, there is a budget crunch here at NIU and we should all pitch in to help. I know there are working foremen in the Holmes Student Center. Why not in the dorms?

The university just keeps adding new buildings but no new help. How about we try to save the students some money and have these other foremen working also. As our areas get larger due to more buildings, have each foreman do an area as they do in the Holmes Student Center. There, they work hand-in-hand with their employees. They are not afraid to pick up a little trash and save the students a substantial amount of money.

Roger Zeller

Building Service Worker

Lincoln Hall B Wing