Diverse diet

The back to back editorials by Ken “get me a (bloody) filet mignon” Goze and Eric “meat is good, meat is tasty” Krol, though humorous, raised some concerns about carnivorism in America. Although I would not describe myself as hirsute, one peek into my mouth will reveal those dastardly, pointy canines specially designed for ripping into a bloody carcass. Luckily, evolution has given omnivorous humans the blessing of a diverse diet. Unfortunately for the diversity of the planet, too much of the land has been overcrowded by methane_belching cattle and miles of monoculture corn planted so you could have a bigger piece of lard in your pork’n’beans.

Eating lower on the food chain is not a crime. Mr. Goze and Mr. Krol taunt the people who have chosen not to rely on the meat industry. Editorial comments about people with “priorities out of whack” who should not be “devoting time to saving a bunch of animals” are made by those who need to seek more education. The hide you save may not be an endangered species, it may be your own. The issue of sustainability is one that encourages us to look ahead into our future and that of our progeny and challenge us to make choices that will fulfill our lives, and hand down the legacy of life.

Glenn C. Schlundt


Biological Sciences