Check grammar

Has anyone taken a moment to wonder just why Japan would say we’re illiterate? I know I’ve been spending the past week searching for the answer to my little query.

Let’s look in The Northern Star! They always know what’s going on!

Hey! It’s right here in the Feb. 11 issue. If any of you keep old copies in your recycling box, dig it out and take a look. It’s right there on page 16.

For those of you who don’t recycle (evil worms!), I’ll make it easy for you. The Star put one of those ‘read our paper’ ads up near the top of the page under the story of “Dr. Death.”

Here’s a quote: “Your here to learn. Your here to study. Your here to read. But, nobody said it had to be a textbook. READ THE STAR”.

I think the word you meant to use was ‘YOU’RE’. It’s one of those strange creatures known as contractions. There are people at the paper whose job it is to spot these little errors. If they don’t even know the rules of English grammar, I wonder how bad it is out in the real world. Perhaps the staff of the Star should spend some time reading a grammar textbook.

Jamey Heckman