Weak argument

Kudos to Eric Krol for finally getting something right! I’m referring to a statement he made in Tuesday’s column. Eric wrote that a columnist’s job is to get people to think. He couldn’t be more correct.

However, what Eric wrote in his “Meat is Tasty” column the week before did not get NIU students’ mental wheels turning. What he did, admittedly, is bait his readers with a weak argument and half-truths. The result was not thought, but hostility!

Now having thought this out logically and rationally (not emotionally, even though I disagreed with everything in the column), the only reason I could think of for Eric having done this is to get attention. Perhaps he likes to see his name smeared all over the editorial page. If this was your intention, Eric, congratulations! You’ve succeeded!

However what you wrote on that day does not, by your definition, make you a columnist.

In my opinion, Eric, it makes you nothing more than an attention-starved, egocentric ass.

Take a piece of advice, Eric. The next time you want to see your name in print, don’t waste our time with another mindless column. Just get out your copy of the NIU student directory, turn to the “K” section, and look yourself up!

Stacy Faramelli


Marketing and French