Global protests

Dear Mr. Krol (or is Mr. an oxymoron too?). I would like to start by saying you are one of the most narrow-minded persons I have ever encountered in my lifetime. However, this is not a character analysis. I happen to be one of the animal rights “radical wanna-bes” you target in your editorial on Tuesday, Jan. 28.

We are not only protesting for the lives of animals used in disease testing, we also protest the useless massacre of millions of whales in Japan for their meat. The millions of dolphins, seals, marine birds, whales and non-target fish killed in driftnets. Not to mention the sea lions that are shot by fishermen who claim the sea lions are competing for fish!

Some of these animals are already designated as “threatened” by the National Marine Fisheries Service and they are headed straight for extinction. As for busting into Mary Kay Cosmetics, it isn’t a bad idea. You obviously haven’t done your research. Several of these animals are tortured endlessly until they die. There is no logical reason for this torment. In our high-tech world there is no need for this cruel nonsense. We are not blind to the other various tragedies of the world. Some of us also contribute some of our efforts to these causes as well. How about you?

We cannot, however, conquer every ailment of the universe. Everyone must do their part to make a difference. I also feel compelled to call you back to earth on your lame attempt at humor. Of course I refer to the “Bloom County” excerpt. I must inform you that us “namby-pamby-pablum-puking” people do live in a world of reality, not delusion and denial.

Leslie Hurd