Look at ability

Well, for the past couple months, there have been many discussions on who should be president of the United States. There are many qualified people campaigning, but the person who is perceived the best in the eyes of the American people will most likely earn the position. But, to get to the gist of things, it seems people place too much emphasis on the candidates past affairs than on his ability for the office.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe a person’s character should be taken into account when considering them for president. People would like to see if his credibility stands up, which I could understand, but making a judgment on a candidate basing it on a past affair is unreasonable. For instance, the situation surrounding presidential candidate Bill Clinton about cheating on his wife may have been blown out of proportion. To make headlines, people thrive upon this situation, and this affects voters. A poll taken by the Chicago Tribune said that 26 percent of the voters would not vote for a candidate who cheated on his wife. Now, it seems like a very swift decision on a person who could offer a lot for this country. People must remember that he is human, and that he is not excluded for making mistakes.

Before you sit down and check off that ballot, think seriously who is the better person to run this country instead of the person who has the better image. To contradict Mr. Andre Agassi, “Image is not everything.”

Michael A. Sergio