Barstool Sports launches new website, TwoYay


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Barstool Sports launches their new platform, TwoYay.

Barstool Sports officially launched their new platform, TwoYay. Partnering with Stripe, a payment company, the website is a community of advertisers, agents and content creators. 

The NCAA changed their name, image and likeness policy in 2021, allowing collegiate athletes to make money from the policy change. And now you can too, with the TwoYay website. 

Barstool already had a foot in the door, immediately signing contracts with players such as St. John’s University’s Nathan Brandecker or Louisiana State University’s Mia Rabinowitz, as well as schools such as Jackson State University. 

The next step in Barstool’s college affairs is the new website. According to the website it is the official two-way marketplace for Barstool Athletes. There are three sections on the website for creators, agencies and advertisers, giving these three groups the opportunity to “link social media and wait for advertisers to send you a proposal.”

The Agencies section allows you to create a page for your organization. After you and your team have an account set up, the website will let you explore a wide variety of creators. The website not only allows but also guides agencies in sending proposals to creators and athletes for deals. Once a proposal has been accepted by a creator, TwoYay will check to make sure the deal was completed on both ends.

In the Creators section, after creating an account, the website will allow you to upload work and set your rates for agencies and advertisers. You will be given your own Two-Yay mailbox which allows advertisers to message you through the website. If an advertiser would like you to create content for them, they will send you a proposal. Once you finish the work and send it to them, the website will pay you instantly. 

The last section, for advertisers, is once again for organizations. It is similar to the Agencies section, allowing you to explore content and send out proposals to creators you would like to partner with. 

Visit TwoYay’s website for more information and to set up your own account.