Master race?

This letter is in response to the brilliant article regarding those fat-cat handicapped students that sit around and suck up money generated by the state. Imagine the needs of the few coming before the needs of the many. It really takes a lot of gall for them to even ask for such luxuries. After all, it is their fault for being out in public. If the damn monsters would stay in the closet where they belong, the whole world would be a much better place for all of us. In fact, the same goes for the rest of the good-for-nothing minorities.

Can you imagine what a “happy utopia where everyone held hands and danced and sung” it would be if it were only a healthy master race being educated here at NIU. With the right leader, we are a powerful nation, and might makes right. To conclude this mess of satire … Hail Hitler.

To the writer of the brilliant article I would like to say two things.

1. Who are you to play God and decide who has a right to education?

2. Persons with disabilities are the largest minority in the world and at any point in time, you too could become a “truly special student.”

Jeffrey Daurer