Free country

America is known as a country where everyone has “freedom of choice”. Freedom means a person has the ability to do as he or she pleases without breaking the law, and has regard for others. Today our society tends to overlook that freedom. People try to tell each other what the right or wrong way for them to live their lives is. For example, homosexuals have made a choice, but society has not granted them the freedom to live by that choice. Each and every person has the right to choose their own sexual partner regardless of sex, color and race.

Being a homosexual is up to an individual of how they want to live their life. A person has the right to choose who they want to love and who they want to be their intimate partner in life. I’ve known homosexuals who, by making the choice to be the individuals they are, have lost friends and close relatives. While they won’t be happy, they keep looking ahead. They have made their choice and are happy with it.

Most people say “love is blind” and that when two people love each other they should be together. Yet we tend to disown people for marrying or being with someone outside their race and color. We also disown people for being with a person of the same sex. Who’s to say what’s right or wrong, or moral or immoral? What is good for one person may not be good for the other. If America is such a free country, why do people have to demonstrate, get beaten up or even get killed because of the way they choose to live their lives?

Marion Tucker