Reveal facts

As an off-campus resident who passes the lagoon every day, I spend a fair amount of time there when weather permits. I have taken a great interest in this recent Histoplasmosis/Fowl Dropping controversy. The two letters you have published thus far have given two different and contradictory accounts as to what this is all about. As an animal lover, I would hate to have to see those beloved flocks of ducks and geese, which add such life and beauty to the litter-strewn and tree-dwindling lagoon, taken away. On the other hand, costly and debilitating diseases aren’t exactly what I have in mind when I decide to sit by the water and read a book.

In short, the letters written by Ruth Koerner and Kenneth Marsh generate more questions than they do to provide answers. Ms. Koerner gives absolutely no references for this shocking public health menace she’s chosen to unload on us. Mr. Marsh cites “the reference section of our library” as his source. But exactly what did he read and, more importantly, how current is this information? If this disease is so prevalent, why is this the first we’ve heard of it after years of there being so many ducks and geese living there?

It would be a shame to lose our precious waterfowl. Then again, it would be a tragedy if the hundreds of people who hang out at the lagoon every year were being subject to such a dangerous disease. Is there anyone out there who can tell me what this disease is all about and support his information with documented medical evidence? I think many of us who live and/or spend time around the lagoon would sleep better at night if the facts about this mysterious disease were to be made publicly known.

David Miller