UPs need students’ help

Three cheers for the University Police.

Along with the help of two NIU students, UPs caught former NIU basketball player Brian Banks. Banks had been the primary suspect in a series of thefts in Grant North. The students had agreed to help the UPs catch the thief after someone stole $400 from their room this semester.

The UPs cleverly asked the two students to leave their door unlocked while pretending to be asleep with a wallet in plain sight in the room. Twenty dollars was stolen early Saturday morning and was laced with a powdered dye that won’t wash off.

Bank’s hands were spotted with the powder trap and he admitted to stealing the money. Banks was charged with a felony count of residential burglary. He was also under suspicion for a number of other thefts in Grant North.

This incident proves to the NIU student body that the students and the UPs can help deter crime by cooperating with each other.

Too often, the UPs are criticized by students as not doing their job in maintaining safety on the NIU campus. However, they might be more successful if they work with the students, who are usually the victims of the crimes committed on campus.

Another positive result of Banks’ arrest is that it will help to prevent crimes committed in the residence halls or elsewhere on campus. Thief wanna-bes will realize the UPs are actually on the ball when it comes to dealing with crime.

The UPs have a hard time keeping up with all of the crimes on campus. Banks’ arrest is proof they are doing a satisfactory job.