Public official better watch tongue

Things are getting scary in Milwaukee.

The city is turned upside down by the nationally-televised and nationally-consuming trial of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, but there’s more.

Milwaukee is home to Ald. Michael McGee, a black man who’s threatening, if not promising, violence if he’s not re-elected. What a choice for voters—either re-elect someone who’s not fit for the job or oust him under fear of violence.

But McGee had more fire to breathe. Saturday, he called Dahmer a Nazi and said he should be hanged.

While McGee is a public official and can speak his mind like any other citizen, he’s not a judge. Dahmer, by his own admission, is guilty. But someone else will weigh the sentence. Hanging isn’t an option.

McGee should watch his tongue. Milwaukee voters won’t feel any better about him if he’s screaming “Nazi” and “hanging.” What’s next? A lynch mob?

City councils shouldn’t be run by people who would rather threaten the population than serve them. Milwaukee residents should remove McGee from office and pray the results aren’t worse than or even equal to the tragedy Dahmer caused.