Best spots to catch some z’s on campus


Daija Hammonds

Neptune Central located in Neptune Hall has a fireplace, chairs and couches, making it a good spot to take a nap at. (Daija Hammonds | Northern Star)

By Sarah Rose, Senior Lifestyle Writer

There are many places throughout campus that can provide the comfort and quiet needed to obtain that beauty sleep. The key to napping anywhere: don’t care what others think.

It may be difficult to trek back to one’s dorm room in between classes so here are some of the best places to nap on campus that aren’t too hard to find. 

Neptune Central

Starting off with the No. 1 spot, Neptune Central is the best place to take a cat nap. It is generally quiet, with occasional background noise from students passing by. 

Neptune Central has a warm fire crackling in the center, creating a cozy environment to rest your eyes. The couches and chairs surrounding the fire pit provide the necessary comfort to lie down or rest your head on. 

Besides the natural light coming in through the row of windows, Neptune Central is dimly lit. This perfect lighting allows students to sleep without feeling the need to throw a textbook over their eyes. 

“I guess any of the dorm lounges would be great,” said Myles Edelstein, a junior elementary education major.

Founders Memorial Library

The Founders Memorial Library is the ideal place to lay your head down and take a nap. 

Not only is the library in the center of campus, but it’s also free from interruption. Any level of the library will prove to be silent enough, but the fourth floor, called the “quiet space,” is recommended. 

There are always a few students talking on the phone or chatting with friends while studying in the library, but the fourth floor is likely to be the quietest. 

The library allows students to reserve study rooms which are located on the second, third, and fourth floors. These rooms offer the privacy some students may need to nap.

Finding a secluded spot in between the bookshelves offers an alternative for those who are not the sitting and napping type. Stretching out on the floor can give the same effect of sleeping on a bed.

Holmes Student Center 

The Holmes Student Center isn’t the quietest place to make camp but for those who don’t mind background noise, the HSC is conveniently located. 

The HSC offers students a capacious space that’s perfect for napping in between studying. Students can have the option to sit on the floor or to find a cushy armchair to curl up in. The second floor tends to be quieter due to the absence of Holmes’ restaurants.

On the first floor outside of the Huskie Books and Gear store, an electric glass fireplace warms the room, creating a homey atmosphere.

Hidden locations

Throughout campus, couches can be found in several buildings and dorm lobbies. 

Zoe Halatek, a first-year general health sciences major, said “That random couch that just appeared one day in Faraday Hall would be an amazing spot.” 

On the first floor of Faraday Hall, a couch is situated by a vending machine, open for students to nap on or to rest their feet. 

For students who are up by DuSable, Watson or Reavis halls, Reavis has a purple couch that can be found on the second floor, placed right next to the building’s little library. 

Another hidden couch is a bit out of reach from the main campus but can be found in the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center. 

“I’ve heard really good things about the GSRC. There’s this specific couch that I hear everyone naps on,” said Lars Yates, a sophomore elementary education major.