American Red Cross: Turn clocks back, test smoke alarms


courtesy of Getty Images

A smoke alarm being tested, hanging on a blue wall. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

DeKALB – With daylight saving time coming to an end on November 6, the American Red Cross suggests everyone test their smoke alarms to prevent home fires while turning their clocks back. 

To ensure safety, the Red Cross encourages everyone to have smoke alarms on each level of their home inside and outside of bedrooms. Smoke alarms over 10 years old should be replaced, as the sensor could be less effective over time. For those that can not afford a smoke alarm or are unable to install one, local Red Cross chapters can be contacted for assistance.

The Red Cross encourages each household to implement a fire escape plan in case of emergency, including two exit strategies for each room and a meeting spot that is a safe distance away from the fire. Be sure that everyone in the household can escape in less than two minutes, the amount of time available to get away before it’s too late. 

For more information on fire safety, visit the American Red Cross website.