Business Spotlight: Barb City Bagels


Sean Reed

Barb City Bagels displays painting by students from the “Dec the Downtown” homecoming event that took place on Oct. 4. (Sean Reed | Northern Star)

By Joseph Howerton, Video Editor

Editor’s note: This article is not sponsored by Barb City Bagels and is not an endorsement from the Northern Star as an organization.

Operating 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Sunday is local bagel shop Barb City Bagels, located at 118 E Lincoln Highway. “BCB is a place you can grab a great coffee (and) yummy food while you meet up with friends or do some studying,” owner Bobbi Hays said. 

Opened on Dec. 1, 2014, by married couple Tim and Bobbi Hays, their business model according to their website “is working hard to make Barb City Bagels a place where everyone feels welcome.”

What sets Barb City Bagels apart from other cafes is their freshness, variety and community partnership.

“Our bagels are made from scratch daily and our cream is hand-blended,” Hays said.

Their establishment also boasts a large coffee syrup bar, featuring 29 Monin brand flavors for customers to choose from, seven of which are sugar free. They serve fair trade organic coffee from Intelligentsia, a Chicago-based coffee retailer. 

Barb City Bagels believes in striving for excellence in all they do and make. “We seek to be a good community partner by giving back and participating in community activities,” Hays said.

In line with this month, the newest item on their menu is the pumpkin bagel. Later, to coincide with Downtown Merchants Holiday Season theme “Welcome to Gingerbread Lane,” Barb City Bagels will release a gingerbread bagel alongside its usual seasonal bagels.