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Freshmen brave cafeteria

By Casey Toner | September 15, 2004

As the school year slowly wittles away, the residents of Grant North 4A find their own college experiences reflecting those of other incoming college students. Indigestion and other gross cafeteria stories with Raya. Cafeteria food performs a certain...

Friends inspire selections

By Jessica Coello | September 14, 2004

This week’s Playback comes from sophomore marketing major Ana Flieller. These are her favorite songs that would make her compilation CD. 1. “Gone Away” - The Offspring. “They’ve been my favorite band since I was little and in grammar school....

Why freshman really choose NIU

By Greg Feltes | September 13, 2004

Sweeps went all USA Today and polled 100 freshmen to find out why they came to NIU. The answers prove quite illuminating. 22 percent of respondents accidentally read U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges in America” list backwards. 21 percent...

Hemphill’s first few weeks

By Greg Feltes | September 12, 2004

Editor’s Note: From time to time, Sweeps will be introducing you to the vibrant personalities that embody the 60115. These people truly are DeKalb characters ... Brian Hemphill is joining thousands of new freshmen in acclimating to the NIU campus this...

Husky romps in doggy duel

By Mark Pietrowski | September 9, 2004

Editors Note: Every Friday before NIU football games, Sweeps will bring you the real match ups that matter, like which team mascot would win in a street fight. This Saturday, SIU will travel up to NIU for a battle on the football field. Sweeps isn’t...

How do you remember 9/11?

By Greg Feltes | September 8, 2004

Saturday marks the three-year anniversary of one of the darkest days in American history. Roger Biles, a visiting professor of history, said Sept. 11 is one of the few days in modern history that can define a generation. “People of my generation always...

Twang mixes with bit of thang

By Jessica Coello | September 7, 2004

Welcome back to Playback! This week’s CD comes from senior media studies major Laura Houston. Houston is from Belleville and likes to party in St. Louis. Houston interned at a radio station this summer, where she got to meet Jessica and Ashlee Simpson,...

Hot tub and volleyball make crib cool

By Matt Knutson | September 6, 2004

From MTV to NIU, Cribs is in the house... literally. Throughout the semester Sweeps will delve into the dopest domiciles that NIU students inhabit. This week we visited the home of NIU students Adam Stavros, Jason Wheeler, Dave Janczewski and James Grahovac...

Floor hits the party scene

By Casey Toner | September 1, 2004

Cara’s Big Game Big game for NIU Sept. 11. Bigger game for Cara Zamora, a freshman special education major. The fight between two Illinois slacker schools, NIU and Southern Illinois University, kicks off the Huskies’ home schedule. Three weeks or...

Variety key to a good mix

By Jessica Coello | August 31, 2004

It’s time again for playback. This week’s playback comes courtesy of Chris McBride, a junior music education major from Homewood. McBride, a musician himself, performs at various clubs in Homewood and downtown Chicago, including the Velvet Lounge....

Wink and nudge required?

By Greg Feltes | August 30, 2004

Last week’s photo poll on liberal bias in the media provoked quite a response from readers and polarized the entire campus. In case you missed it, I randomly polled five people to find out if they thought the media was liberally biased. None saw any...

Models assist with dating

By Matt Knutson | August 29, 2004

Editor’s Note: From time to time, Sweeps will be introducing you to the vibrant personalities that embody 60115. These people are truly DeKalb characters... Three NIU students blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit parlayed their summer experience into...