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An festival attendee wrangles three kites Sunday at the North 40 for the DeKalb Kite Fest.

Enthusiasts brave the rain to attend the DeKalb Kite Fest

By Lucas Skye | September 10, 2019

Fewer kite enthusiasts than normal sloshed across the field on a rainy Sunday to celebrate the DeKalb Kite Fest.Sunday marked the 14th annual DeKalb Kite Fest. The event took place 11 to 4 p.m. at North 40, the field across from Barsema Hall.Those who...

Virginia Naples, a professor of 32 years in the biological studies department, takes a break from her ongoing research on gender pay inequality at NIU. She has been studying gender pay inequality for more than 20 years.

Female salary inequity found

By Northern Star staff | July 21, 2016

Female professor’s publications compared with their earnings are unequal, creating a gender-based salary inequity which Biological Sciences Professor Virginia Naples presented to the Board of Trustees today.The research presented during the board’s...

Board lowers maximum Lucinda repair cost by $110K

By Leah Nicolini | March 21, 2016

The estimated cost of the Lucinda Avenue repair was reduced from $550,000 to $440,000 by the Board of Trustees at a Thursday meeting.The repairs will fix a 35-foot misalignment in the Lucinda Avenue extension connecting Lucinda Avenue and Recreation Drive....

DeKalb projects $1 million revenue from IHSA games

By Alexander Chettiath | December 7, 2015

Although DeKalb was not represented in the Illinois High School Association football state championships, the city of DeKalb has projected up to $1 million in revenue, despite the budget issues affecting the state.The IHSA football championships, played...

Barsema Express to increase stops

By Rachel Scaman | December 3, 2015

The Barsema Express bus route may soon slow down as it incorporates stops on the Lucinda Avenue extension.The Student Association plans to utilize the Lucinda Avenue extension, which opened on Nov. 19 to connect the main campus to the west side, to add...

Extension brings 10-minute campus in reach

Extension brings 10-minute campus in reach

By Rachel Scaman | November 19, 2015

An extended Lucinda Avenue opened to cars, buses, bikers and pedestrians Wednesday after a year-long $4.5 million construction.The road now extends 1,495 feet through where Douglas Hall once stood, said Alan Phillips, vice president of Administration...

SA to add Lucinda Avenue extension to Barsema Express

By Leah Nicolini | November 18, 2015

The Student Association may soon begin test runs of a modified HuskieLine bus route that will add the Lucinda Avenue extension to the Barsema Express.The Lucinda Avenue extension, a project that concludes with a ribbon cutting Wednesday at 2 p.m., extends...

The Lucinda Avenue extension sits partially constructed on an area of land where Douglas Hall used to stand. 

Lucinda Avenue extension nears completion

By Satta Kendor | October 15, 2015

NIU President Doug Baker’s plan for a 10-minute campus will soon be a couple blocks closer with the completion of the Lucinda Avenue extension.The project, intended to create a direct route to Stevenson Hall and the Convocation Center by extending Lucinda...

Interim CFO Nancy Suttenfield speaks about NIUs budget proposal during a Board of Trustees Finance, Facilities and Operations Committee meeting on Sept. 1, 2014, in Altgeld Hall.

Ex-controller files civil suit against administration

By Keith Hernandez | October 8, 2015

An NIU employee has filed a lawsuit against the university alleging top administrators placed him on involuntary administrative leave without due process, among other allegations, effectively terminating his employment.Former NIU Controller Keith Jackson,...

Victor E. Huskie rides a Huskie Pup at the Communiversity Block Party on April 13 outside Huskie Stadium.

NIU Pup shuttles still here, but no longer for on-campus use

By Ashley Morse | October 8, 2015

Huskie Pups, small electric shuttles introduced last October as a part of NIU President Doug Baker’s plan for a 10-minute campus, will not be returning for general student use this year.One large Huskie Pup and three smaller ones, which cost $40,000...

Consent redefined by NIU

Consent redefined by NIU

By Alexander Chettiath | October 1, 2015

The phrase “no means no” will no longer be needed as the Violence Against Women Act implementation committee has redefined consent.“Consent: a clear, unambiguous, informed and voluntary agreement between all participants to knowingly engage in sexual...

Office administrator Jennifer Jeffries works at her desk in the main offices of the Holmes Student Center. Jeffries and 600 NIU employees want “fair wages.”

More than 600 NIU employees to unionize

By Keith Hernandez | July 27, 2015

Jennifer Jeffries said she loves her job as an office administrator and loves working with students, but $15.68 an hour makes her feel “undervalued.”Low wages in comparison with other Illinois public universities are why she and more than 600 NIU...