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Pass/Fail: City Council saves homes from zones; steam outage will leave students cold

By Carl Nadig | October 29, 2014

PassCity Council decided to exclude the John and Harrison Street neighborhoods from a proposed enterprise zone.These neighborhoods are sacred to the city’s identity. These streets are meaningful to the people who live or have lived in the area. The...

NIU needs closer Asian stores

By Mohammed Taha Faridi | October 8, 2014

One of the most discouraging problems of being an international student is not getting to eat food from your culture.With international student enrollment increasing from 847 to 1,090 students from fall 2013 to this semester, Asian restaurants and stores...

Sycamore businesses plan appearence improvements

Sycamore businesses plan appearence improvements

By Keisha Howerth | March 4, 2014

The Sycamore City Council’s draft of its updated plan on zoning and land uses to improve the downtown’s appearance should be expected in the next 45 days.Mundy said Sycamore’s Architectural Review Committee has been recommending grants to the City...

NIU Outreach Program to hold city-wide ‘Green Night Out’ event

By Brooke Shinberg | April 23, 2013

Green Night Out will teach residents ways to make better choices for the environment. On Thursday, the NIU Outreach Program will hold an event similar to a scavenger hunt. The treasure participants will be hunting for are deals, art shows and knowledge...

DeKalb’s unemployment rate slowly stabilizes

By Amelia E. Cruz | April 16, 2013

The unemployment rate in the DeKalb area is slowly stabilizing even though there has been a decrease in job opportunities, according to an Illinois Department of Employment Security spokesman. Greg Rivara said he can tell there has been a decrease in...

Genevieve Schatz, lead singer of Company of Theives, sings the
lyrics to one of their songs on Saturday at the Egyptian Theatre,
135 N. Second Street, during this year’s Middlewest Fest.

More than music booms during Middlewest Fest

By Dave Gong | September 12, 2011

Middlewest Fest 2011 provided more than music and entertainment in downtown DeKalb for local business owners. Several businesses took advantage of the weekend’s festivities to promote sales to festival-goers and customers wandering the downtown area....

Bars should not be exempt from the smoking ban

Bars should not be exempt from the smoking ban

By Kathryn Minniti | April 17, 2011

Recently, an Illinois House Committee passed two bills that would grant exemptions to the smoking ban for bars and casinos. Is this a good idea? I think not. Keeping smoke away from public places will allow non-smokers to avoid the health hazards of secondhand...

Raising taxes in Illinois will only lead to more problems

Raising taxes in Illinois will only lead to more problems

By Portia Kerr-Newman | February 9, 2011

No person in their right mind would agree that the state of Illinois' idea to raise taxes was logical. Personal taxes were already 3 percent, according to a recent article by the Christian Science Monitor. The 66 percent tax increase will only make it...

Local businesses prepare for Black Friday madness

By Melissa Mastrogiovanni | November 22, 2010

The time where people get into a holiday shopping frenzy, clawing and scratching their way to savings is nearly upon us again. Black Friday is right around the corner and as local stores and businesses gear up for the busiest shopping day of the year,...

Local churches and businesses team up for charity

By Zachary Brictson | November 3, 2010

With frigid weather approaching, local churches plan for programs to help the less fortunate through the winter. Churches and businesses are working with DeKalb's Salvation Army, 830 Grove St., to provide food drives and other charitable service to eligible...