Northern Star

DeKalb to increase art activities, create color

Scott Nichol

January 28, 2016

DeKalb plans to increase the number of art activities and artists residing on the NIU campus by creating a Arts, Culture, Entertainment Corridor, presented at Monday’s City Council meeting.The Arts, Culture, Entertainment Corridor is based on existing arts-related businesses, venues and educational spac...

Ordinance to target unlawful protests

Amirius Clinton (left), junior political science major, stands beside Father Michael Pfleger and other protestors during the Peace March on Dec. 31 in Chicago. Clinton said an unlawful assemblies ordinance by the City Council is in response to past student protests involving NIU students, such as Black Lives Matter protests and the Peace March.

Alex Chettiath

January 25, 2016

Amirius Clinton, junior political science major, said the potential unlawful assemblies ordinance is a “slap in the face for law-abiding citizens.”The draft ordinance, which DeKalb Mayor John Rey has pushed from today’s City Council agenda in an effort to hear the Student Association’s input...