Northern Star

Metal detector tries to return found trophy

The World War II medal Andy Reiss found.

Rachel Scaman

September 24, 2013

NIU employee Andy Reiss will take his metal detecting talents to a competition come November, but for now he’s looking for the owner of a World War II service medal he found in southern DeKalb County.Reiss, who works in Building Services, was one of 100 people who were selected to go to Cold Pepper, Va...

Sycamore History Museum hosts ‘1862’ as part of Civil War presentation series

Reenactor Andy Hare portrays General J.E.B. Stuart describing his weapons to guests of

Jessi Haish

November 11, 2012

Civil War reenactors told the stories of the second year of the war on Saturday. The presentation, titled “1862” was hosted by the Sycamore History Museum (SHM) and included reenactors from Grant Lee Custer & Company. SHM plans to continue the tradition, with next year’s discussion surroun...

Research Rookies explore reasons behind Civil War enlistment

Lauren Dielman

March 6, 2012

Men joined the U.S. army to fight in the Civil War for multiple reasons. Wayne Duerkes will be trying to discover these reasons through his Research Rookies project. Duerkes, a junior history major, and his mentor Bradley Bond, Dean of the Graduate School, will be using letters and diaries written by ...

Top five songs about America

Alex Fiore

November 10, 2011

Throughout their history, Americans have fought. We've fought other countries, fought for equality and even fought each other. What is important is not the fighting itself, but rather what was being fought for. What we've fought (and continue to fight for) is the preservation of ideals we value: freed...

Regional History Center recognizes Civil War anniversary with online exhibit

The Civil War exhibit,

Leah Spagnoli

April 20, 2011

The Founders Memorial Library is offering students and faculty the chance to travel 150 years in the past. On April 12, 1861, the United States began a war within itself. NIU's Regional History Center is recognizing the anniversary by creating an online exhibit filled with pictures, personal letters...