Northern Star

Teachers should utilize social media

Danny Cozzi

March 27, 2013

Over spring break I found out one of my friends at ISU is taking a class in which the professor uses Twitter for the lectures, which are usually filled with hundreds of students. I was told that the professor allows his students to use their smartphones or laptops to tweet questions during class. That...

Students need to respect their professors

September 26, 2011

Even though we are all adults, faculty members rank above students. Therefore, we should give them more respect for doing their jobs. Unfortunately, many students seem to think that they own the classroom, and it's their right to play by their own rules. Such was the case in my journalism class last year. Al...

Professors should not push their agendas in class

Professors should not push their agendas in class

Jack Baker

April 18, 2011

Teachers are, and should be, entitled to their opinions, but they should keep them out of the classroom. Their responsibility to educate is more important than their political viewpoints. When teachers bring their biases into the classroom, it can bother students, alienate those that disagree with them...